The Imran Jaffer Foundation Story

With the desire to see Imran’s love, generosity and remarkable spirit live on, and to follow his example of bringing something positive to every situation, Nazira and Azam Jaffer have established the Imran Jaffer Foundation at the Toronto Foundation to honour the life of their beloved son.


The Mission of the Imran Jaffer Foundation is to improve the quality of lives of youth by providing educational opportunities through scholarships to those who merit them as well as those in need, thereby contributing towards enrichment in the lives of youth – the leaders of tomorrow. Student awards make a difference and have a lasting impact – much like the life of Imran Jaffer.


To lead the pursuit of excellence for youth through learning, innovation and partnership.


Establish and maintain the Imran Jaffer scholarship fund, which will be awarded to youth to pursue education in universities and colleges.

Provide support and recognition to youth who have a passion for soccer through soccer awards.

Support community groups/programs and registered charities whose goals and vision aligns with those of the Imran Jaffer Foundation.



We will conduct our activities with empathy, caring, sensitivity and understanding to all youth and their families we support


We will pursue our activities in a professional and ethical manner


We will strive to model leadership through creative approaches, embracing innovation and by being actively involved in the community


We will strive to achieve better outcomes in everything we do, collaborating with youth, their families and our partners

Respect and Diversity

We embrace the strength in our diversity and treat everyone with respect and dignity


We will inspire a sense of community in our youth and work as a team with youth, families and partners, while maintaining mutual trust, transparency and shared purpose to enhance the quality of life of our youth

17 Lunau Lane, Thornhill, ON, Canada

(416) 671-8501


To lead the pursuit of excellence for youth through learning, innovation and partnership.

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