This week we started a much needed Coat Drive for our King’s Way Family.


This also includes weather-appropriate apparel such as boots, heavy socks, toques, gloves, and scarves!


We are asking that the items be new or nearly new (no broken zippers, please … we do not have the resources to fix items.)


This past week we have had numerous Clients come in with no coats, wearing t-shirts, no socks, wearing slippers.


It is truly heartbreaking to witness seniors freezing on the streets because their pensions are so low they can not afford housing, proper food or the basic necessities to live.


This past week we had a senior gentleman come in wearing a spring jacket with a broken zipper, holes in his shoes and no socks. He is homeless and living in the side of the Hamilton Escarpment. He was displaced when a Toronto Property Management Company came in, bought up his building, and evicted all of the tenants.


We are asking you to please when you are out on your daily runs, look to see if there are any sales on any of the above-mentioned items and grab an extra pair of socks, or a couple pairs of gloves, visit Dollarama, anything.


Just 1 pair of socks can save someone’s feet, one pair of gloves can save their fingers. We can give them shelter from the elements during the day but when it’s the coldest (night time) there are not many options. Please share and please help make a difference.

649 King Street East




The King’s Way Outreach Centre provides hot meals, groceries, clothing, and empowerment programming to individuals and families in downtown Hamilton. We help to transform our community, one life at a time. We serve those who are overcoming poverty, mental illness, addiction, and a variety of difficult life circumstances. We offer hope, help, and healing within a positive and supportive atmosphere. We provide life-changing programs such as Overcoming Addiction, Overcoming Domestic Abuse, and Functional Literacy.

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